In order to save lives, prevent occurrence and spread of an infectious disease, protect properties and minimize damages during and after the occurrence of the event, the Sangguniang Bayan approved on joint sponsorship the Contingency Plan on Emerging and Re-emerging diseases in Midsayap.

Said plan specifically aims to observe inter-agency and cluster approach coordination in response to emergency for maximum utilization of resources, ensure the effective, fast, and fair delivery of basic to victims needing immediate assistance and to undertake proactive approach to hazards and risk through continuous monitoring and community empowerment for effective response to the said hazard.

Hazards or diseases being assessed in the plan are the novel coronavirus disease (CoViD-19) and the outbreak of polio, measles, and dengue. 

The said plan detailed the anatomy of incident in terms of root causes, early warning and triggering factors, plan execution; sector (cluster) leads and members, plans, objectives, and arrangements and procedures for feedback, upgrading, and future action, and effectivity of the plan. 

One important feature of the contingency plan is the Incident Command System (ICS) as well as the responsibilities of the officers. 

During the 38th Regular Session of SB Midsayap, Victorio Bedoya, Jr., LDRRM Officer, manifested that they are projecting 12 waves of distribution of food and non-food items with the projected 20 thousand-population likely to be affected by the pandemic.

He added that they will coordinate with the Midsayap Social Welfare and Development Office regarding the scheme of distribution.