Government leaders and private entities unite to share their resources to fight the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.  

The Office of the Vice Mayor distributed hygiene kits to frontliners assigned at different checkpoints in Midsayap on March 22, 2020. The hygiene kits include soap, face mask, sanitizers, vitamins, and information materials about the coronavirus. 

In time for his birthday, Vice Mayor Manuel Rabara together with the members of the RECON-MIDCOM and PPALMA Bikers Association also distributed food packs to health workers and security personnel manning the checkpoints. 

“Kining gamay nga akong ikabahin dili ni dako pero unta makabatang sa panahon karon. Hinaut magtinabangay ang tanan. We will spread love sa atong isigkatawo”, said Vice Mayor Rabara. 

A total of 200 food packs were given at Poblacion 7 (Highway & Exit), Crossing Tumbras, Olandang, Crossing Kapinpilan, Sadaan, Poblacion 8 (Green Valley & Highway), and Barangay Lower Katinggawan as support to the sacrifice of health workers and security personnel who work day and night to prevent the spread of CoViD-19 in Midsayap.     

Last Saturday, March 28, another wave of distribution of food packs and face masks was conducted by the Office of Vice Mayor Rabara. 

Vice Mayor Rabara continues to appeal to the people of Midsayap to stay at their homes as part of their contribution in the fight against CoViD-19. He added that IEC materials reminding the people to ‘stay home and stay safe’ were also distributed in various barangays.