This Women’s Month, the Sangguniang Bayan of Midsayap continues to celebrate the essential role of women in local legislation and development. 

Lady Legislators

Three women leaders are symbols of empowerment. They serve as ‘boses ng kababaihan’ in the municipal council. 

Councilor Chelin Monica J. Arańa is one of the newly elected woman-leader in the Sangguniang Bayan. She is the chairperson of the Committee on Gender and Development & Family that tackles women’s welfare, rights and privileges, women’s organizations, family welfare and other matters related to women and family. She also leads the equally important Committee on Laws, Human Rights & Justice that is assigned to look into matters pertaining to prevention of human rights violation, enactment, revision or amendment of all kinds of ordinances except appropriation ordinances as well as the review of ordinances and certain resolutions submitted by lower sanggunians.

Councilor Maria Belen B. Sabio chairs the Committee on Finance, Budget & Appropriation, Ways & Means. The said committee’s function is to study, review, and recommend management program on financial investment of public funds as well as review of the annual and supplemental budgets of the local government unit. She is also the chairperson of the Committee on Social Services that discusses the concerns of senior citizens, persons with disabilities, pre-schoolers from Day Care Centers and all matters related to social services. 

Councilor Justine Clio M. Ostique, also one of the newly-elected officials of the Sanggunian, leads the Committee on Education that looks into the formal and non-formal education, educational facilities, operation of educational institutions (both public and private) and all matters related to education. She also chairs the Committee on Trade and Industry, Labor Management, Culture & Tourism that tackles all matters related to trade and industry, labor in general including women and minors as well as the promotion of culture and tourism. 

The Secretary to the Sanggunian

Mila C. Bayog, the Secretary to the Sanggunian, leads the SB Secretariat. Minutes, journals, committee reports and agenda are some of the most important records that are meticulously prepared by the SB Secretariat. The SB Secretariat is considered as the powerhouse of the legislative department as it organizes and keeps ordinances, resolutions and other official acts of the sanggunian for the smooth operation of the entire Sanggunian. 

Moreover, SB Secretary Bayog also serves as the Focal Person of the Gender and Development (GAD) Focal Point System of the Local Government Unit of Midsayap and the Chairperson of the Records Management & Information Committee.

The Women Working Force of the Legislative Department

There are 25 women employees including the lady legislators in the legislative department. This is 54.3 % of the total workforce of the Sangguniang Bayan of Midsayap. Women are the frontline service providers of the Office of the Vice Mayor while majority of the secretaries of SB members are also women. 

The Municipal Library and Information Center is headed by a woman in the person of Ms. Philline Cadungog who was also elected as president of the Midsayap Municipal Employees Association (MMEA). 

With this number of women working in the equally important department of the local government of Midsayap, leadership and success in the Sangguniang Bayan can be attributed to these women of purpose. They continue to inspire us to work for the good of every Midsayapeńo. Truly, the Sangguniang Bayan of Midsayap makes change work for women.